About The Company: (Delta Sleep, Labs Inc.,)

Robert W. Lewis III, the founder of Delta Sleep, Labs Inc., suffers from Obstructive Sleep Apnea which is a potentially fatal disease. He had undergone a sleep study test before he was diagnosed with Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA). But Mr. Lewis felt that if the community had a better understanding of OSA then people like him would have received more compassion, understanding, and personal attention. Thus he took the decision to educate the community so that other people who suffer from OSA will be better understood. To do this he had to fill the void that was present in the Medical community. That is why he founded Delta Sleep Labs, Inc., whose primary aim is to enlighten people about sleep disorders by providing them information concerning the disorder and listing the possible treatments. This lab serves two purposes:

  • Creating an environment where patients can receive timely accurate screening process
  • Providing professionals with a place that is friendly, professional, and safe for diagnostic research

Delta Sleep Labs, Inc., has formed a collaboration with Dr. Richard L. Gardner MD. Gardner is a certified sleep physician by the board of Ventura County. He is certified in both family practice and sleep medicine. Delta Sleep Labs, Inc., has Respiratory Therapist, polysomnographers (RSPGT’s), and other medical staff who are among the top sleep disorder specialists in their region. All these staff members have a combined experience of over 45 years in treating sleep deprivation and diagnostics. This lab has 6 states of the art sleep labs that are designed to elaborate and comfortable as possible. There is also a fully stocked kitchen that can satisfy the appetites our guests might feel during the night and the next morning of their short stay. The lab covers over 3100 square feet. The ratio of patient to the technician is always two to one. This is the only lab in Ventura County that is capable of handling pediatrics patients. Majority of the insurance companies have approved Delta Sleep Labs, Inc. These include EPO’s, PPO’s, and Medicare.

Reasons for choosing Delta Sleep Labs, Inc.

  • Sleep physicians who interpret sleep studies have been board certified
  • Respiratory therapists are board certified (five)
  • RPGST are board certified (five)
  • Lab operate for all days of the week throughout the year
  • The maximum time needed for report generation is 72 hours
  • Transport from and to the labs is complimentary
  • Verification of insurance and preauthorization will be done by us
  • Doorways, restroom, and hallway design are approved by the ADA
  • Reports are had delivered to the physician who referred to them
  • The thermostat is present in each room to ensure a personalized setting
  • Extra sound dampening insulation has been enclosed to the ceiling

Find Us: 1601 Eastman Ave. Suite 203 
Ventura, CA 93003

(Physical Lab has been closed )

About the Website: (Deltasleeplabs.com)

Myself, Robert W. Lewis III, the owner of Deltasleeplabs.com, which is exclusively created to provide a detailed information on various types of sleep disorders and its treatments. I previously created the research center (Delta Sleep, Labs Inc.,), which under unavoidable circumstances had to close and after that, I started this information website to give information for people regarding sleep disorders. Majority of those who suffer from sleep disorder conditions ignore the signs and fail to take treatments in the early stages. This site’s purpose is to guide you through medical information related to sleep which is simple for everyone to understand. All the content which is available on the content has been reviewed and approved by Dr. Richard L. Gardner MD, who is an approved certified sleep physician by the board of Ventura County, who works with me to give appropriate information to people. We constantly update every topic and focus to provide up-to-date information for our readers. All the content are strictly for reference purpose only. If you come to know that your symptoms match with any of the condition related to a sleep disorder, you are advised to take a professional help. And we will not take any responsibility for those who misuse the contents of our site.