Ambien is a prescription drug that is allowed only to be taken for the short period of time in treating insomnia, sleep apnea, and other sleeping disorders. This is a sedative-hypnotic medication. The effects from this Ambien drug will help the individuals to fall asleep very quickly and also let them stay asleep throughout the night without any interruption. However, the intake of this drug would help to maintain a balance in the sleep and wake cycle in the brain, but Ambien does cause some of the serious side effects.


Ambien makes a huge confusion in your brain that leads to the cause of abnormal activities and strange thoughts over the mind. These might include some of the decreased inhibitions that cause an individual to act aggressively and extroverted than usual. Sometimes agitation (state of anxiety or nervous excitement), depersonalization, strange behavior, and hallucinations. People who are suffering from the visual hallucinations tend to see some patterns, objects, lights, or images of the people who are absent in that environment or dead people. One of the most experienced hallucinations effects by the people is hearing voices when no one is around. People who are suffering from auditory hallucinations might hear some footsteps, non-existent music or door banging.


Auditory hallucinations are the worst to be experienced. The imaginary voices that the people here would lead them to carry out some of the unstable and unsafe activities resulting in some serious troubles or harm to them or to others around them. Nervousness, frightening, or paranoia will also be experienced by them during such hallucinations.


People who used to take Ambien for their sleeping issues might have carried out some complex actions and behavior like preparing and eating meals, walking around the house or outdoors, engaging in sexual intercourse and even they do driving when they are not fully awake from the sleep. People who are suffering from visual or auditory hallucinations witness any of these behaviors then the risk factors are increased.


Certain warnings for the developing of side effects for hallucinations includes drinking of alcohol or taking any other prescription or strong effective drugs such as antidepressants, treatment for seizure, any sedatives or tranquilizers or drugs that are used for treating anxiety and any other sleeping pills. Not only they cause the increased risk for hallucinations but it also leads to the drug interactions that result in the adverse side effects or sometimes lethal.


Taking Ambien before the bedtime is the best and right time to experience the effect of the medication. It allows the patient to stay in bed for a long period of time of about 6 to 8 hours without any interruption. By following the simple instructions, it would help you to avoid the causing of unwanted side effects. You should have to take only the prescribed dose of medication, never, ever take a higher dose or overdose of the sleeping pill just so you want to stay asleep for a longer time, the effect would be lethal sometimes. If you are experiencing any usual changes in your behavior or activities such as auditory or visual hallucinations then you should immediately have to check with the physician for a better recovery from the disorder.

What are the effects of Ambien long-term use?

Using Ambien for a long term ends in causing side effects and that is for sure. Ambien belongs to the group of medicines called central nervous depressants, which slows down the functioning of nervous system. Ambien is actually used in the treatment of insomnia in people and also for other sleeping disorders such as trouble in sleeping or sleep apnea. If you take the medication as per the instruction is given by the physician, then it would greatly help you for treating your sleeping disorders such as letting you sleep faster and stay asleep throughout the night without any disturbance. If a person is recommended for the drug to be taken for a long term use, then it is important to understand the effects of the medication before use.

Decreased Effectiveness

Ambien usage should have to limit for two or three days only in the treatment of insomnia. Furthermore, taking Ambien for more than two or three weeks and if the usage is continued for more than the prescribed instruction, then the effectiveness will start to decrease significantly. This condition occurs due to the reason that brain gets adapted to the actions of chemicals present in Ambien. As the brain adapts to these chemicals, then higher doses of Ambien medications will be required to treat insomnia in people. However, a patient should have to avoid the intake of higher doses of Ambien drugs since the effect would result in causing some risk factors to the patients’ health. Also, it is necessary to know that taking the higher dose of Ambien medication might result in overdosing which leads to breathing problems, vomiting, nausea, staggering or unconsciousness. If a patient experiences any of the above mentioned signs then immediately seek medical treatment.

Excessive Drowsiness

If a person Ambien for the longer period of time, it would cause excessive drowsiness to that person. This occurs because some of the chemical ingredients of Ambien might present with the system itself leading to the cause of excessive daytime sleepiness in persons. However, in some other cases, the brain of certain persons might be very sensitive to the chemicals in Ambien which makes it difficult for a patient to regain the stability during the day. A patient should have to be aware of the daytime drowsiness especially when he or she is driving a car or handling any other heavy machinery during the day. If you witness the excessive drowsiness, then you should have to schedule an appointment with the doctor to adjust the dosage or to change the medication that would help you.


Dizziness is another side effect that could be caused by the use of Ambien for a long term. This occurs due to the chemicals in the Ambien medication acts on the central nervous system, and that affect the receptors in the brain that are related to causing dizziness in some patients. The cause of dizziness occurs in patients during in the middle of the night, the next morning or during the next day, it depends on the patient condition and other symptoms. So, taking a consultation with the doctor is really important in such a way, one can prevent from the cause of this side effect. If Ambien is causing dizziness to a person, then the doctor will prescribe with some other drugs or change the dosage level of the medication such that it will help to treat for insomnia.