You might be taking Ambien all the time or else occasionally. When you are in the holiday season the medication schedule and your sleeping habits would get affected a lot. We are going to mention the eight factors that could cause nightmare but we would tell you on how to adapt using Ambien drug.

When you travel, party or go shopping there are chances that you would not be able to sleep at a proper time. There will be a change in your routine.

Drinking alcohol

Drinking alcoholThe healthcare professionals would not recommend people who are taking the Ambien to have alcohol. However, refraining from the consumption of alcohol is not easy during holidays. If you want to drink alcohol then you can limit the consumption to minimum quantity at least seven hours prior to taking the tablet. The alcohol might intermingle with the medication and it would cause severe effects on the body. So it is always better that you keep the habit away if you are under the treatment with Ambien medication.


OvereatingThis is a major issue if you are on holiday. We overeat no matter what type of food is served. When you eat too much food, your body has to spend so much time in digesting it. The sugar level in the body gets shot up and you would feel high in energy. Due to this, it becomes very hard for a person to sleep.

Even when you consume sleep-inducing medications like Ambien, it takes a lot of time for it to get digested. The simple reason behind this is that your stomach is filled with a lot of food. One by one it would get digested and then it would start to react.

This is the reason why we would not recommend you to overeat at least at the dinner as it would stop you from sleeping.

Excessive stress

Excessive stressWhen you are in stress your body would be put to alert and you would be aroused. The Ambien drug that you consume in order to sleep would become less effective when you are restless. When the Ambien dose that you are taking does not work when you are stressed or excited then you can consult with the healthcare professional to change the dose that you might find effective. In order to get the effectiveness properly and take care of your body, you can follow any relaxation methods like Ambien meditation.

Health issues like cold or flu

Health issues like cold or fluWhen you are on holiday there are chances that you would get flu or cold. This is the period where you would be very relaxed and also be stressed. Due to this the immunity level in your body is very much low. You are supposed to take tablets in order to treat flu. So you might be taking any prescription or over the counter medications. However, you have to be very careful while consuming both these drugs together. The cold medications would act as a sedative and you would feel sleepy. So taking Ambien at this phase is not recommended. You have to inform to your healthcare professional that you are already on the therapy with Ambien so that they can prescribe the cold drugs properly without any chance of Ambien drug interactions.

Traveling across different time zones

Traveling across different time zonesAny person who travels to different time zones would find it very difficult. Apart from this, they would also experience jet lag. Prior your journey you are supposed to start taking the pills one hour prior to your bedtime that would be at your destination.

This means that you are making your body to get adapted to the timing. Those who fly from Los Angeles to New York who typically sleeps at 10.00 pm at night should try to take Ambien pills at 6.00 pm itself. This is the best trick for sure and you can try this three to four days prior your travel. However, it is a must that you are supposed to avoid the consumption of the Ambien when you are traveling if you cannot sleep seven to eight hours at a stretch.

This might also cause you to be sleepy the next day which is not advisable.

Awake late at night or getting up early

Awake late at nightWhen you are on holiday, you might want to spend time with your family or go out for sight-seeing. Here either you would be staying late at night or have to get up early in the morning. Most of the prescription-only drugs like Ambien would take eight hours of time to leave the system. For example, if you are going to stay awake till 2.00 am and go to sleep. After this, you have planned to go to the church at 8.00 am then you can feel sleepiness and drowsiness in the morning.

You are not supposed to stay awake till 2.00 am at night. If you are going to drive a car then the situation would become worse. When you are in the treatment with Ambien, you are not supposed to indulge in driving or do any activities that want you to be alert. Moreover, we would not recommend you to stay late at night but want to get up early after consuming Ambien medication.

Sleeping in a different place

Sleeping in a different placeWhen you travel you have to sleep in a hotel or your relative’s room. In this situation, it might be hard for a person to sleep. To avoid this situation you can bring your own accessories like a sleep mask, blanket or pillows. This can give signals to your brain that you are comfortable and help you to fall asleep. In this situation, the person can ask their doctor to change the Ambien dose during the stay. They might need a little extra dose in order to fall asleep. If you find difficult to sleep you can contact your doctor and solve your issue.

Trying to stop taking Ambien pills

stopping ambien intakeThere are people who are on Ambien treatment for years. It is a must that you have to stop consuming Ambien tablets at one point in time and start to sleep naturally. Every new year we would set some resolutions and this is the right time to take one. Set the goal that you are going to halt the treatment with Ambien sleeping pill. It is a must to get help from the doctor as you would experience Ambien withdrawal symptoms. To manage the symptoms and to switch to natural sleep they can be helpful. You can also adapt ways to stay relaxed and go to bed only when you want to sleep as this can be a nice idea.