valium and dementiaAnxiety disorders are rapidly increasing throughout the society so is the need for anxiety medications. Diazepam is one such anti-anxiety medication. It falls in the benzodiazepine group and has a similar course of actions like that of lorazepam, Klonopin, Xanax etc. Diazepam is mass produced under the brand name of Valium. Valium works on the human body by providing a calming effect to our brains and nerve synapses. Valium med is one of the widely used anti-anxiety pills but it can also be used to produce sedative effects in the treatment of muscle spasms and sleeplessness before various medical procedures. People often link Valium and other benzodiazepine medications as a probable cause for medication but this concept has been falsified over and over by different research works conducted.

What are the reasons behind this bizarre concept?

Diazepam and other benzodiazepines which are commonly used are often connected with psychiatric disorders like dementia. Dementia is a severe mental disorder and the common symptoms of it are memory loss, impaired thinking, and twisted personality. As Valium is a kind of drug that targets the central nervous system for working and often the side effects of it are slow heart rate, hypotension etc. This is why a concept developed that may be Diazepam promotes dementia. But the recent studies have falsified this old theory and have proved that among the other side effects that Valium produces dementia is not included.

How has it been proved false by different research works?

Over the years the connection between Valium and dementia has not been clear. Several studies claimed that Valium increases the threat of having the psychiatric disease and many research works denied that fact. But recent researches have been able to shower some light in this context and have been so far able to clear Diazepam’s name of this charge.

The studies pronounced that even the highest dosage of the Valium med does not aid in developing dementia and if there are cases of people developing the disease after consuming Valium then that are due to the early symptoms which had already been instilled in them and which got worse with time. This new research included several men and women as test subjects and the research is conducted for seven years. Use of Valium in these people was being monitored and they were being tested for dementia every two years. The study concluded that only 23% of the developed dementia that was also due to Alzheimer’s syndrome.

The study proved the old concept to be a hoax as it is clear from the results that even the highest dosage for daily use does not possess any threat. The people who develop dementia are due to a term is known as reverse causation. That is the latent symptoms of dementia which are already installed in them and that gets worse with time. There is no link in between the Valium and this psychiatric disease.

Valium produces other physiological and psychological complication as a result drug withdrawal or interaction with other substances but the concept of Diazepam aiding in the development of dementia is deceptive and false.