Ambien for SleepA person can buy Ambien online, which is a hypnotic drug whose sedative effect initiates sleep. The drug works by hitting the cause of sleep disorders, which are unbalanced chemical interactions in the brain. Ambien is available in the extended release as well as the immediate release form. The extended-release form (called Ambien CR or Controlled Release) has two layers: first one dissolves rapidly to initiate sleep (as fast as within 15 minutes of drug administration) while the other one works towards maintaining the sleepy state of the body.

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The usual recommended dose of using Ambien in adults is 5mg (initially) to be taken once every night immediately before scheduled bedtime (which should allow at least 7-8 hours of sleep before activity the next day). Depending upon the effectiveness and efficacy of this dose limit, the dose can be increased to 10mg per day but should not be exceeded.

What is Ambien?ambien

Most of the people have made many questions regarding the usage of Ambien either with their doctors or on a Google search. The most common questions they ask about Ambien is:

  1. What is Ambien?
  2. What is the use of Ambien meds?
  3. Is Ambien a narcotic drug?
  4. What does Ambien look like?
  5. Where to buy Ambien online?

The most searched question that is often asked is “What is Ambien?” This Sleeping drug has been prescribed to many people and it is mentioned often, however some people who were prescribed with this drug have no idea about its working and effects.

Ambien is a sleeping pill which puts a person to sleep, it interacts with the brain, that affects the chemicals present in the brain to calm the mind and relaxes brain such that as a person will able to fall asleep. Ambien is a sedative-hypnotic class drug and hence it could cause issues to any person who attempts to operate a machine or vehicle since the drug only make the person feel sleepy.

In addition to that, a person who is taking Ambien might feel drowsy in the morning which is an after effect from the use of Ambien dosage and they must have to be aware before attempting anything dangerous.

Ambien is a drug which is used to help the people in falling asleep at night. This illness is called as insomnia and it has commonly occurred for the people who are suffering from the disorder caused by substance use or mental problems.

Taking this drug for a certain period of time will help in making the person fall asleep and if it is taken too often then it would cause some serious addiction to the drug.

Ambien is a sleeping medication and is not a narcotic drug. Ambien belongs to Sedative-Hypnotic class of drugs commonly called as depressants. Some of the other depressant class drugs are given in the follows:

  1. Amytal
  2. Ativan
  3. Halcion
  4. Librium
  5. Valium
  6. Xanax

Alcohol is also a sedative class drug as it often makes the people to feel drowsy and is similar to Ambien drug.

What does Ambien Look Like?

ambien structureAmbien drug usually comes in a small pink peach tablet. The available dosage strengths of Ambien is 5mg and 10mg and Ambien CR tablets which is an extended-release form of Ambien consist of 6.25mg and 12.5mg of dosage strengths, which is prescribed depending on the health condition of a person. Ambien comes in a capsule form and its size varies depending on the dosage level that is required to treat a person with Insomnia. This drug will come in a circular blue tablet that has been embossed with letter “A” on it or as a white tablet form what contains “amb10” or “5421” signature in a capsule-like shape.

The main active ingredient present in Ambien is Zolpidem which would cause some severe allergic reactions to a person. If you experience any allergies, then stop taking the meds and must have to contact the healthcare professional immediately. Some of the commonly occurring side effects include:

  1. Hives
  2. Difficulty in breathing
  3. Swelling of the face, lips, tongue or throat.

It is also important that people are not allowed to share this Ambien medication with anyone, if they do share with others who do not have a valid prescription, then it might end up in causing some adverse effects to them.

What is the Ambien Dosages?ambien dosages

Ambien is extremely an addictive medication and it is classified under Schedule IV Controlled Substances by the food and drug administration. In the year 2013 FDA has reduced the recommended dose for this drug.

The available dosages for Ambien is 5mg and 10mg. Usually, the treatment periods of Ambien medication requires for up to two weeks. People should have to take Ambien as directed by the physician and should never take the drug for a longer period of time.

The recommended Ambien dosage for women is 5mg and for men is either 5mg or 10mg. The drug should have to be taken before sleep on each night and should have at least 7 hours before they plan to wake up.

If a person consumes 5mg at the first case and the effect was not enough to put the person to sleep or helped only for few hours then at such situation, a person can take the 10mg dosage of Ambien and that too under the prescription from the doctor. People who are suffering from hepatic impairment do not have these side effects.

Drug interaction of Ambien along with other central nervous system depressants would lead to the causing of addiction. Avoid mixing of other prescription drugs along with Ambien as much as possible to avoid the cause of side effects. Misuse of Ambien and other sedative hypnotic medications has been raising in the United states.

How to buy Ambien pills?

getting ambienLike other sleep-inducing drugs, Ambien is listed under Schedule IV controlled substance in the U.S and therefore can be accessed only on prescription from a licensed medical practitioner in most of the countries. This means that if you have indications that can be relieved with Ambien administration, getting it prescribed is the first thing that needs to be done.

If time is the constraint, the prescription can be obtained online also by getting registered and answering certain questions contained in the questionnaire that relates to symptoms treated with Ambien.

Once the prescription has been obtained, Ambien pills can be bought from online as well as offline drug stores. Online pharmacies take a lead over offline ones by making the task convenient and cost-effective. Moreover, many Ambien generic versions are also available that helps in reducing the cost of medication to minimal.

Where to Buy Ambien online?

Since Ambien is one of the best prescribed drug in the world for treating sleep problems, there are few online pharmacies which offer fake pills to people. Individuals need to be wary of them. You want to give your money to a vendor that is reliable and will be there for you when you need them at most. Over the time, we have found some online pharmacies which offer genuine pills to its customers at affordable price. is one such reputed and affordable online pharmacy which serves well in providing good quality pills with other benefits to its customers making them top the rank. To know the complete list of best Ambien online pharmacies available for purchasing the drug, click here.

Precautions while getting or using Ambien drug

When you consult your healthcare provider regarding Ambien dosage, do not forget to mention about other medications that you are already consuming as drug-drug interactions might result in moderate to severe side effects.

Also, if you have a history of alcohol or drug abuse and/or addiction or any of the medical conditions such as kidney disease, mental problems, muscles related disease, liver disorders or breathing problems, tell your physician everything so that he can determine the potential benefits and hazards associated with the medication and recommend the most appropriate dose accordingly.

There might be an occurrence of certain side effects such as dizziness, drowsiness or confused state of mind. These should be reported on an urgent basis to avoid further complications.


1. Is prolonged usage of Ambien dangerous?

Ambien is an addictive drug so it is better than you avoid the usage of the medication for a longer period of time. After you consume the drug for certain span your body would start to develop tolerance towards the active ingredient in it. So you would automatically need a higher dose to get the effects that you once received. This would be a mistake if you increase your dose as it would make you get addicted to the tablets.

2. How does Ambien work?

After Ambien tablet is taken, it would act on the central nervous system. Only when the brain is in an excited state and if there is an imbalance in the natural chemicals there are chances for you not able to sleep properly.

The active ingredient that is present in the medication would convert these natural chemicals to the balanced form. Due to this a person would feel relaxed and will be able to sleep properly.

3. What are the precautions to be taken while taking Ambien?

Individuals who are on Ambien medication are supposed to avoid the activities that demand you to be alert. There are chances that the effect of the drug would also be present in the morning and due to this, you would feel sleepy. This is not recommendable if you drive your car. Alcohol consumption while on the treatment is a strict no. There are chances that Ambien might interact with other medications in the market hence always notify your doctor regarding the pills that you are going to consume.

4. Can you consume Ambien while pregnant?

This medication is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding a child. The sole reason behind this is that the active ingredient that is present in the drug might pass on to the fetus or baby through a woman. This would, in turn, cause so many effects in the child.

However, the doctor might instruct some women to take the medication for the treatment even though they are pregnant. It is because they believe that the benefits that a woman gets from the medication are high compared to the risks associated with it. Once you become pregnant it becomes a must that you have to immediately inform about it to your doctor and halt the course of therapy properly.

5. Can women take higher doses?

There are two dose strengths of Ambien such as 5mg and 10mg. However, even if the condition is severe it is not recommended for a woman to consume the higher dose of the drug as the metabolism rate for this gender is very much low. Due to this, it takes a longer time for Ambien to leave the system and taking the higher drug dose would pay for side effects in the body. Always consult with your doctor if you want to take a 10mg dose for your treatment and do not self-treat at any cost as this affects your health.

Ambien- Take away notes

Ambien medication has sufficient potential to improve your sleep quality when taken within recommended limits. So, get up, walk up to buy Ambien (or even sitting back would do if you are opting for Ambien pharmacy) and resolve your sleep issues today.