ambien for sleep disordersAmbien or Zolpidem is known to give quality sleep by decreasing the onset of sleep-latency and increasing the stage-two by controlling REM sleep. The medication is safe to be used a short-term treatment which does not show any tolerance or dependency for first two months.

The Ambien medication is available in different forms and dosages which will be prescribed based on the one’s condition and response towards the treatment.  Generally, Ambien CR is used as it has a longer half-life and is effective in getting quality sleep for a longer period of time. But it can be used to treat other forms of sleep disorders as well as it has some other clinical use as follow,

How does Ambien help with Sleep disorder treatments?


ambien for insomniaAmbien is best suitable for treating acute or short-term insomnia. Those who suffer from insomnia stay awake most of the night and feel tired and sleepy throughout the day. It is caused by chemical imbalance in the brain which can be restored by taking the medication. As it is taken prior to falling asleep, the drug will induce and help to stay asleep for long hours. Insomnia also found to cause other psychiatric conditions like depression, irrational behavior, and anxiety. Taking a medical treatment is found to improve other conditions as well.


ambien for narcolepsyNarcolepsy is difficulty to have regular sleep-wake cycles and it also relates to REM or Rapid Eye Movement immediately after sleeping. Ambien helps to increase Stage 2 sleep and reduce the REM sleep cycles. it can also be used in treating cataplexy that is caused by narcolepsy


ambien for FibromyalgiaMedical condition like Fibromyalgia which is related to musculoskeletal pain can be treated by getting a quality sleep. This can be achieved with help of sedatives like Ambien. Lower dosages are found to be effective without much side effects hence it is preferred over benzodiazepine drugs

Other medical uses

other medical uses of ambienFor improving memory

It is recently found that Ambien works on brain differently and does more than inducing sleep. It acts on thalamus region in the brain and forms long-term memory by converting short-term memory. It is useful in Alzheimer treatment and also found to improve the verbal memory

For Brain disorders

Some experience brain damage which is improper functioning of the brain due to some physical injury or genetics. Those who had traumatic experiences find it difficult to fall asleep with fear and reoccurring nightmares. If this situation persists, it may lead to severe trauma hence Ambien can be used to calm them and help them fall asleep until they come to a normal situation.