The process of payment via E-checks takes place through 4 main steps. The complete procedure involving these steps has been explained below.

4 Main steps for Payment Via E-check

Request Authorization

The authorization from the customer is required for the business to begin the transaction. Hence, the business requests it through an online payment form or a phone conversation.

Set up Payment

Once the Authorization process is done with, the business processes the corresponding payment information into the online payment software. The payment information also contains the particulars of the recurring schedule in case of a recurring payment.

Confirm and Submit

Once the software has been provided with the proper payment information, the business confirms the details and clicks on the submit option to initiate the transaction process of ACH.

Fund Transfer and Payment Confirmation

The transaction process withdraws the payment from the customer’s bank automatically, following which the payment gets transferred to the business’s bank account. The customer then receives a payment receipt as a confirmation from the online software.