Parasomnias are abnormal physical behaviors that occur while you are sleeping. They include sleepwalking, night terrors, REM behavior disorder, which can cause you to become violent while dreaming, rhythmic movement disorder, which can cause you to bang your head or rock your body while sleeping, bed-wetting and teeth-grinding. We can effectively treat parasomnias with help of sleep-aid medications such as Ambien

What causes Parasomnia?

Parasomnia is a collection of sleep disorders which is mainly caused due to the genetics and some kind of brain disorders. It is common for young children but it affects all age groups. And disturbing someone experiencing parasomnia will only result in a violent reaction. It is necessary to take precautions and make a safe environment for those who are affected by this condition.

How can parasomnia be treated?

The condition seemed to improve when the person improved his sleeping habits. By managing stress, following regular sleep timing, having a bedtime routine helped mild cases. Those who have violent conditions and at risk of injury or self-harm should take treatment. They may be put under evaluation before starting any form of treatments.