Types of Data Collected

Personal Data

Using the service of deltasleeplabs.com requires you to provide us with some of your personal information which has been asked to confirm your identification. This personal information that we ask for but not limited to;

  1. Your EMail address,
  2. First name and last name,
  3. Location details (address, Province, City, State, Zip Code),
  4. Cookies and Usage Data

With the use of your personal details, we might contact you with the newsletters, marketing, or promotional materials and with some other information through the provided email address. You are free to opt-out of receiving these emails. Each email that we send will have an unsubscribe link, by clicking it you can opt-out from the service at any time.

To make use of the information provided on the website, you are required to register with us. While on the registering process, you are required to provide some information such as

  1. your name,
  2. age,
  3. email address,
  4. preferred username,
  5. password and
  6. preferred subscriptions.

The provided information would not be displayed publicly under any cause, however, if you choose to create a public profile and add your personal details about you, then this information will be accessible to everyone whoever visits your profile.

Usage Data

We do collect some other information that has been sent by your browser only when you visits our website. The details might include the IP address of your computer, browser type and version, the pages you visit, the time and date of your visit, search terms and contents on the page, and few other data regarding your access throughout our website.

Tracking and Cookies Data

At our website, we use cookies and other tracking techniques so as to monitor your activity on our service. This is just to know that how actually the users will use the information given on the website, and thus monitoring the behavior will help us in understanding the requirements and public interests of the users. It is important to know that we will monitor will include your URL, referral/exit pages, date/time stamp, IP address and the location on your computer. You can disable Cookies at any time on your setting bar.

Data Use

Deltasleeplabs.com would use these collected data for various purposes, includes;

  1. To avail our service to the users,
  2. To inform any changes that have been made on our service,
  3. To allow you to access our pages and to participate in other activities in our website only if you wish to,
  4. To provide customer support,
  5. To prevent the website from other technical issues in react to the user’s side,
  6. To monitor the usage of our service

Data on Hold

Deltasleeplabs.com will retain the personal information only for a certain period of time as long as it is required for the purposes to set out in the privacy policy. We will retain and use the personal data of the users to the extent of its necessary in meeting the legal obligations, and other official policies. The use of data will be retained only for a certain period of time. If the data would be used to strengthen to improve the functionality of our service.

Data Transfer

The information including personal and non-personal information given by the users will be transferred and maintained on the computers that are located on the location of the users so as to cover with the other governmental jurisdiction.

If the user is located out of the country, it is important to note that we transfer the data including the personal information to the US or NZ to process it here.

Disclosure of Personal Data

Here, we will take all the necessary measures to limit the usage of your personal details on our website. However, we do disclose some of your personal details to the Third Parties, but we do take all the necessary actions to prevent it from crossing the limit.

Sharing that information with the Third parties will help you to get the some of the services provided by them. Deltasleeplabs.com gives you an assurance, that all your personal details will be protected and would not be shared with anyone unless if it is needed to the extent.

Your Rights

You can download and print our privacy policy and the terms and conditions of our website and you can also have the rights to request us to provide the printed copy of it at any time and also you can ask for the personal information that has been collected on our website. Due to the high piracy that we maintain on our website, all the information that has been provided here will be highly secured.

We, Deltasleeplabs.com holds the authority to this website and thus we do have the rights to deny them access to any of the specific user, IP, location or domain from reaching our website.