ambien and insomniaYou might be one of the Americans who is experiencing sleep issues like insomnia. In a survey, it is found that 50 to 70 million Americans are affected by Insomnia or other sleep problems. In this, you might only belong to four percent of the adults who buy Ambien medicine after getting a prescription and try to get sleep. If you are the person who fits into this category then we have a bad news for you.

You would know that getting asleep with the help of pills like Ambien would be different from the ones that you get naturally. The working mechanism of Ambien is that it would target the receptors in the central nervous system and it would relax the body. When this occurs it would put your brain into relaxation and you would fall asleep.

Sleep is occurred due to certain complex ballet which results in putting your central nervous system from on to off. There is a second issue with sleep medication. These do not increase the sleep much after placebos. There are people who believe that after taking Ambien they are getting good sleep however they are not actually getting it. This is definitely not my conclusion but that of the experts. They have reviewed different drug-placebo trials and they derived into the conclusion. You have to know that there is no much benefit while taking Ambien beyond placebo. They also added that the impact of the sleep tablets Ambien is very much minimal on the body.

The third and the most important issue with the Ambien medicine are it is associated with death and also cancer.

You might think that it is not the Ambien pill that is causing these but the lack of sleep which weakens the immune system the cause behind it.

This argument is made and we believe that it is a reasonable one. However, you should also know that this would lessen your life and the reason is that it increases the risk of cancer. Though the answer is not sure on which is causing these in the body we should know that it is definitely not good for us.

We should communicate with people and create awareness among them. Only when we keep them informed about it they can increase their knowledge and helps them to make a choice. This is the hope that I have.

Do you think that individuals know about the disadvantages of consuming sleep medication?

ambien disadvantagesNo, I really don’t think that people are aware of it. I am pretty sure that even their doctors are not aware of the issue that is arising because of these prescription drugs. There is a clear breakdown with regards to the communication of the science.

It is very clear that the public is not aware of these downsides. I could say it with more confidence because when I produce the evidence to the public they are shocked and this can be understood from their face. After this is done they attend Q&A session as they are keen to know more about it. Everyone wants to sleep and they are very much desperate about it. After they come to know about the downside of the Ambien they try to get more help and advice.

I am not an M.D and I really don’t want to be it or pretend to be it. However what I try to do is to convey to the public about the information that is true. Once you have found the evidence you can communicate with your doctor and take the necessary recommendation.

There are many individuals who feel like they are getting enough effectiveness from Ambien sleeping medication. We guess that it is because of the placebo effect. When you notice the results of the medical trials you can understand that placebo tablets can give additional fifteen to twenty minutes of sleep to a person.

It is very clear that what you think matter as the central nervous system is influencing your sleep as well as your body. I would not believe the fact that if you are given a pill like Ambien and made to swallow if you can get proper sleep. But you do believe this factor and it is very clear about it.

I should also mention that the extension of sleep that you get because of the placebo pills is also unimportant. When you add twenty minutes of sleep to your life it’s like compound interest and it should definitely be celebrated.

The sleep that you get because of the Ambien medicine is not sufficient for you and it is not natural. Apart from this, there is also a risk associated with the Ambien which makes you get addicted to it, put you in fatal situations and there is also a higher risk of Cancer. Due to all these, I would not suggest Ambien pills to people at any cost.

Do you believe that there are upsides of Ambien pills?

ambien upsideNo, there is no proof according to science that the sleeping drugs like Ambien are beneficial. I believe that there is an alternative to the pills and it is referred as CBT-I.

I was actually about to say that. CBT-I is a form of therapy and in which you should go to bed only when you feel sleepy. The next factor is that you are supposed to go to bed early. It should be early enough where you can sleep at least seven to eight hours at single night. When you do this, your brain would adapt to the timing and you can sleep better.

In the year 2016, there came the evidence that CBT-I can be used for patients who are suffering from chronic insomnia over Ambien drug. This is accepted by the scientist group after going through these pieces of evidence.

How did CBT-I come about?

CBT-IThis all started when they tried to examine what is keeping individuals awake.

Let us ask the question of what are the factors that individuals describe when they lack sleep in detail here. They say that look I can’t sleep and they add that they are having difficulty to sleep. We have to break this further.

What is regarding the sleep that you find difficult and their reply would be they have a Rolodex mind and it spins as soon as they hit the pillow. From this, we came to know that anxiety related issues are enabling people not to get proper sleep. We also know people who would be lying in bed for long period of time and would not fall asleep. They would eventually fall asleep as we have heard individuals saying that I would fall asleep while watching a movie. However, when they go to the bedroom they could not sleep and they would be awake. The reason behind this is the brain. When you are going to bed it learns the surrounding and would not put you to sleep.

We then decided on why not we break that association and we recommended few. If you go to bed prior you feel sleepy then it is not good. Our suggestion is that get out of bed and go to varied locations where the lights are dim. You can read a book or sit calmly and return to your bedroom only when you are sleepy. In this way, your brain would learn that bed is a place where you should sleep and it would stick with it.

How accurate you know that CBT-I works better than Ambien sleeping pills?

cbt-i and ambienFrom the studies, we came to know about the sleep structure that is caused by the Ambien and what would happen if you discontinue it. Let say you put certain people in CBT-I therapy and another individual into psychological treatment.

When you do this you can know that a person would experience similar sleep benefits. Then we carried out many trials on patients to identify on how long you get to sleep with the help of CBT-I.

When you take the result of these studies and you compare you can come to a conclusion easily.
Is stopping Ambien treatment would make insomnia to come back?

Yes, when you stop taking the tablets after a certain period there are chances that your condition would come back and the worst part is that it can also become worse.

However, this does not occur with CBT-I as the benefits continue here. After a session of four to six weeks on the treatment with the professional, you can maintain it and its benefits for a period of 12 months.

But with respect to the sleep treatment with the Ambien tablets, you would definitely go to bad sleep that you once suffered from. This is referred as Ambien tolerance and you would suffer from this withdrawal state after you stop taking Ambien pills.

So it is always better that you opt for CBT-I over the sleeping pills Ambien as you can enjoy the benefits for a longer span.