1. Use of Ambien is increasing

use of ambienSleep deprivation is definitely not a joke. There are so many issues caused if you do not get proper sleep and there are also accidents happened due to insufficient sleep. The main cause of sleep issues is stress, pain and also some medical condition. A sudden change in the lifestyle of a person would also cause them to lack sleep.

Sleep is very much essential for a person and this is the reason why 9 million prescriptions are written for Zolpidem medication every single year. Ambien is a hypnotic medication that is taken to treat insomnia. There are other brands of this medication like Zolpimist, Edluar, and Intermezzo.

2. Ambien does not belong to benzodiazepine group but possesses its character

ambien and benzo groupThis medication actually works similar to the Benzodiazepines although the pills are manufactured a long time back.

Ambien medication is known to enhance the effects of the neurotransmitters. However, this medication would only enhance sleep whereas the drugs that belong to Benzodiazepine would act as muscle relaxers and anticonvulsants. The drug is very addictive similar to that of benzodiazepines. This medication is also shorter acting on the condition same to the medications that belong to that group. They also share a similar set of side effects.

3. Ambien dose change

ambien dosageIn the year 2013, the FDA ordered the manufacturers of Ambien and Ambien CR to change the dosage recommendations. The main reason behind this is that there were reports regarding accidents due to driving under the influence of this medication. There were also reports regarding walking, eating, having sex and making phone calls and the worst part is that they have no memory about it at the later point of time.

4. Extended-release forms

ambien ERThe extended-release version of the drug is named as Ambien CR. The first layer would get dissolved quickly which would put you into sleeping state very quickly. After some span of time, the inner ingredients of the medication would get dissolved. Due to this, you can sleep at a stretch of seven to eight hours of time. There will be a presence of this medication until the next morning. This is the reason why we mention on not to drive or operate any machinery. Ambien would affect the cognitive ability and the risk is higher if you are taking the higher dosage strength.

5. Women show more effects than men

ambien for women and menWomen posses slower metabolism rate than men. When Ambien is taken it would get broken down in the liver. Since the metabolism is very slow these would stay in the body for a longer span. However when you consider men these broken down drug gets dissolved very quickly in the body. This is the reason why lower dosage strengths are prescribed for women. The recommended dose is 5mg if it is an immediate release one and 6.25mg if it is an extended release version. No matter what would be the severity of the condition it is a must that you have to stick to the dose.

6. Ambien is addictive

ambien addictionWhen Ambien was first manufactured, the researchers believed that it would not cause tolerance or dependence or addiction like the drugs that belong to Benzodiazepine group. However, if they are taking the medication for a longer span or with higher dosage strength there are chances for a person to develop tolerance and later get addicted to the medication.

When you quit taking the pills there are possibilities that you get withdrawal symptoms in the body. Some of the symptoms that you would experience are vomiting, nervousness, stomach cramps, and panic attacks. We do not recommend you to take higher doses or for a longer span of time.

7. Prescription only medication

ambien is a prescription only drugAmbien is a controlled prescription only medication. This means that you are supposed to have a medical script if you want to take the pills or else it is considered illegal. In addition to this, getting the drugs online would not be safe and it might not contain any proper ingredient in it.

There are people who misuse the medication in order to get high and this is the reason why the drug is categorized under prescription only medication.

8. Making you feel worse and not better

ambien can make you feel worseWhen you take Ambien pills there are chances that you would feel better initially. Always remember that this medication would treat effectively but it would not cure. Once you start consuming the tablets there are chances that you develop tolerance and you would be put in a situation where you would not be able to sleep if you are not taking the pills.

The risk of developing this attitude towards the drug is very much high. The treatment with this medication in the initial stage would be better however it would push you to the worse situation at the later stage.

9. You can collapse while on Ambien medication

fainting on ambienIf you take a pill and sleep without any need to get up at night then you can be really safe. However, if you need to get up at night to use the toiler or wake up earlier for any work there are chances that you would feel drowsy. There is a high chance that you would fall and break your head. The risk is very much high if you are an older person.

10. Ambien is not safe during pregnancy

ambien during pregnancyWhen you are pregnant it is not safe for you to consume the pills. The active ingredient of the drug would pass on to fetus or baby through mother. Ambien would show its effect on them. Either they would get addicted to the drug or show any withdrawal symptoms.

However, the doctor would prescribe the medication to a woman during this phase if he or she believes that it creates more benefits than the risks on them. So consult with your medico before you take the pills to treat your condition during this condition.