Know Before Buying AmbienIt is important that you know more about the sleep-aid medication Ambien before buying the drug online. Ambien is suitable to be used for short period of time and taking it for longer duration may result in symptoms like sleepwalking, hallucinations and respiratory problems. So, it is essential to follow the instructions given when getting prescribed and direction of use in the label before taking the drug for sleeplessness.

Ambien dosing informationAmbien dosing information

  • The drug is highly abusive in nature hence one should not increase or decrease the dosage without medical consultation.
  • Ambien CR has high half-life hence should be taken at least 8 hours prior to waking up to avoid feeling heavy in mornings.
  • It is meant for oral administration and can be taken on empty stomach before planning to sleep.
  • It is not recommended to take the tablets in between sleep if you awake in mid-night.
  • It should not be given to pregnant women without any medical recommendation or it may have adverse side effects on growing fetus.
  • It is strictly for short-term treatment only.
  • It is available in 5mg and 10mg tablets. It will be prescribed based on need and maximum daily dosage is 10mg

What are all the Ambien side effects?ambien side effect

  • Taking Ambien over the mentioned treatment period may lead to strange side effects like involving in activities like sex, driving, sleepwalking and others which a person may have no memory of when awaken.
  • The condition may worsen when psychiatric effects like hallucinations, anxiety, depression, loss of memory etc.
  • It is important to take a medical help if you find any minor symptoms showing up after the drug use like swelling, rashes, and sleepiness.
  • And do not take the medication more than 5 weeks or it will affect the natural ability to fall asleep. Also do not stop the treatment immediately to avoid withdrawal symptoms.

Who can take Ambien?

Ambien is prescribed for sleeplessness and to those who have difficulty falling asleep. But the drug might not be suitable for everyone as many have other minor or major ongoing treatment which might interact with the medication and give negative effects.

  • The pill can be allergic and give reactions like rashes, heavy breathing.
  • Those who involve in activities like driving, working in machinery that requires focus should avoid this medicine.
  • Do not take alcohol before or after taking Ambien dose.
  • Consult with your doctor if you are taking other treatment involving narcotic, anti-depressants etc.

Buying Ambien online

When you have decided that the Ambien is the drug for your condition and have a prescription to get the drug online, follow these things to stay safe when buying Ambien from online pharmacies,

  • Use trusted online drugstore to buy quality Ambien pills for cheap.
  • Compare different pharmacies to check which operates in your location and provides the best service.
  • Verify the product by comparing it with information available after delivery before consuming it.

If you start having any effects on the usage of the drug, contact your doctor immediately without further ado.