I received my tramadol package undamaged and intact last week and guess what? It arrived way sooner than I expected. After using the tramadol pills for a week, I knew deep in my heart that I should be writing out this review no matter what since it could help a ton of people out there who seek tramadol for their pain. So if you are someone who is in search of a better tramadol seller on the internet who offers top notch quality, great customer service, fast shipping and cheap prices, then yourtramadol.com must be your go to place.

And, it doesn’t stop with that. They offer much more that will be discussed in the following topics and this information will help you understand the seller better and decide if you must really consider them for your next tramadol purchase.

This is indeed going to be a long post and if you are running out of time, you can always skip to the part that is essential for you to make a decision on the same. But for others who love tramadol, stay with me from the start for I would love to have you hear my opinion on the same. Oh wait!! Yes, this is completely my opinion and is not an advice or something. You can always seek guidance from a medical professional for further insights.


Yourtramodal.com was founded way back in the 2007 with a single mission to provide high quality tramadol at cheap prices. It is indeed inspiring to see a decade old tramadol retailer, capturing the main stage today with patience, enthusiasm and confidence. They take pride on the fact that their cost per pill is the cheapest and I even tried checking it out with other stores and guess what? It is indeed true. Furthermore, what really excites me are the refund and guaranteed policies offered by them. I mean, no online dispensary can promise on these if they sell mediocre tramadol products in the market.

The products offered by yourtramadol.com

Youtramado.com provides tramadol under various brands to their customers. The four main brands available at this seller are Tramadol-US, Searl(Europe), Aspadol(India) and Tramadol-Singapore. I think they are all the same and are just being marketed under different names based on the countries where it is being made available. The dosage strength and quantity cover a very wide spectrum in my opinion. It is one of the best arrays of options anyone could come across. The dosage strength comes in three different variations- 50mg, 100mg and 200mg. But these variations are based on the brand you intend to choose. The same principle holds good for the range of quantities out there starting from 30 pills and extending up to 360 pills for purchase.

This intends to show that you can buy a tramadol pill at 0.99$, which is the lowest in the market. Also, the lowest price range starts with 90$ and you can end up with 30 pills at this price. This is a perfect price if you decide to buy tramadol pills in bulk. The prices won’t drill a hole in your pockets and what is more satisfying than buying legit products at an impressive deal?

What I love about them?

This section can be considered as the pros of yourtramadol.com, however I didn’t want to paint a generic picture about a seller and hence named it this way to reflect on the fact that these factors hold good as to why yourtramadol.com impressed me.

The guaranteed Policy

I love the fact that they have openly declared to slash down their prices if you find cheaper prices of tramadol anywhere else in the online market. To come up with such a declaration shows the confidence they have about themselves and they also justify why they provide tramadol at dead cheap prices. It is due to the fact that they source tramadol products from licensed manufacturers in bulk quantities. It really impressed me further on realizing that it needs some courage for an online seller to be transparent to this extent.

I admit I lost the battle since I wasn’t able to find any cheaper prices. One of those rare times when a loss puts a smile on your face.

Free and Fast Shipping

These guys are really fast to be honest. I received my shipment in less than seven days and that indeed speaks volumes about their attention to delivery. What really knocked me over is that they deliver their products to almost 48 states out of the 50 in the country and they are also working on extending their service to the remaining two states. This means that you will receive your package even if you come up from the most remote places in the country.

No matter where you come from, they will find you and kill your pain.

Offers and Discounts

I really cannot understand the offers and discounts at yourtramadol.com in spite of the dirt cheap prices. Well, it is something to cherish for the customers. I heard they provide membership benefits to the customers who are associated with them. I am planning to get one next time.

Refund Policy

I do have high regards for any online seller who provides this provision to their customers. I mean, this policy is necessary since the package could get damaged unknowingly and also everyone makes mistakes. So I see this as a good thing since yourtramadol.com takes credit even for their unintentional mistakes. The rules are very simple. You will have to send a photograph of your package and if the damage is accepted, you can expect a refund within a month.

Security Policy

You can enjoy a very safe shopping experience at yourtramadol.com for they provide a safe passage for transactions under their security policy with a SSL encrypted website. Also, your private information is always kept confidential and I am happy that I can shop here without any thoughts of insecurity.

Drawbacks If any?

I really love this seller and I have no inhibitions admitting it. However, I believe nothing is perfect in this world and that rule applies even to the internet world. There is really one thing that concerns me with yourtramadol.com. I wish they introduced the PayPal option for Tramadol purchase at their online dispensary. Maybe I am being selfish out there. PayPal options works pretty much for me and hence, I feel it to be a drawback. However, you might find other payment options comfortable and might not really see this as a negative. Also, it isn’t necessary that you will fall in love with this seller just because I did. But there is a chance if you try is all that I say.

Final Verdict

This verdict is pretty much subjective and I don’t expect you to embrace it. But yourtramdol.com is one of the best tramadol sellers out there if you are looking for some high quality stuff at cheap prices. Also, I am pretty much sure you will not regret your decision if you choose to buy your tramadol at this online dispensary. Apart from that, I want people to really see other positive and negative issues with this seller and point it out in a new post or comment here to help them enhance their services, while we pave the way ahead for the whole community.